After being married for over five years, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter Vida.  We called her Vida (Spanish for Life) not only because of how amazed we were at the entire process, but because she gave meaning to our lives as well.  She made us understand what it was about…
For hours during her birth we stayed under control, it wasn't until her first cry that the room filled with all the energy and beauty of the universe. At that point, we realized that everyday was special, because she is in our lives. Our store is dedicated to dress that special person. 
We want make sure that no matter when we look at them, or where they are, they represent who we are and what they mean to us; because there is really no one else.
While I always had an interest in fashion, it wasn’t until I had my baby Vida that I decided to turn my passion into something that I can share with everyone. It was a way to bring both passions together. This is how Little Vida was born.
With the help of my wonderful husband, I set out to create the first online clothing store for babies and tots. It is the “first” that actually takes fashion seriously. We have taken a careful approach to the line and article selection. Making your shopping experience a personalized one with individual attention to detail. Every time you come to our site, you will notice that we have gone to great extents to make sure that we have put together the best possible selection at the lowest prices and delivered in a way only a parent would do for their children. You will see that each order is processed individually, carefully packaged and shipped, so expect to have the best online shopping experience ever. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the highest quality packaging and shipping available.  
We are confident you will be pleased with your order and we expect to be a part of your family for years to come.
Thank you for shopping with us.